Cheapest Hotels in Chinatown and Bugis, Singapore

Cheapest hotels in Chinatown and Bugis, Singapore

Looking for a cheap accommodation in Singapore? Maybe you can find it around Chinatown or Bugis area. The popularity of Chinatown as a favorite of backpackers is increasingly inevitable. You who want to hunt for delicious and cheap culinary cuisine is also highly recommended to visit this area.

Likewise Bugis, the area that is famous as a shopping paradise offers the largest shopping center in Singapore. Some of the most famous shopping centers in Bugis include Queen Street, Victoria, and Rocchor. Tourists who take advantage of MRT are advised to find accommodation around Bugis area because it is located very close to MRT Station.

hotel bugis
hotel bugis

Especially for you who are looking for a cheap accommodation in Singapore, here we input the cheapest accommodation list in Singapore from Rp 100 thousands per night. These inns are especially located around Chinatown and Bugis.


Inn Name Address Number of rooms Rate per night (start)
Pillows & Toast Heritage 38 Upper Cross Street (Level 2) 40 room Rp 230 .000
Rucksack Inn @ Temple Street 52, Temple Street, Chinatown 13 room Rp 270 .000
5footway.inn Project Chinatown 63 Pagoda Street, Chinatown 15 room Rp 270 .000
5footway.inn Project Chinatown 2 227 South Bridge Road, Chinatown 28 room Rp 270 .000
Beary Nice 46B Smith Street, Chinatown 3 room Rp 260 .000
Fernflot City Hostel 5 banda Street, #02-92 Chinatown 10 room Rp 140 .000
Hotel 81 181 New Bridge Road, Chinatown 81 room Rp 300 .000
Keong Saik Hotel 69 Keong Saik Road, Chinatown Rp 300 .000
Yes Chinatown Point Hotel 64-A/B, 66-A/B Smith Street Chinatown Rp 200 .000
Service World Chinatown Hostel 52 Chin Street Road #02-33 dan #03-45 Chinatown 30 room Rp 200 .000
Royal Hostel 28A Smith Street Chinatown 43 room Rp 210 .000
Backpackers Inn 27 Mosque Street, 30A Mosque Street dan 14 Upper Cross Street 28 room Rp 230 .000
Manhattan Inn 52 Chin Swee Road Chinatown 8 room Rp 250 .000
Tree In Lodge Hostel 149, Silat Avenue Unit No. #01-64 3 room Rp 230 .000
Hotel Lulu 76 A/B, 78A/B Smith Street 21 room Rp 300 .000
B88 Hostel Jalan Besar 134, Bugis, Singapura 130 room Rp 230 .000
Adamson Inn Jalan Pinang no.3, Bugis, Singapura 17 room Rp 200 .000
Bunc@Radius Little India 15 Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapura 272 room Rp 210 .000
Plush Pods Hostel Tan Quee Lan Street no.2, Singapore 4 room Rp 230 .000
G4 Station Backpackers’ Hostel Mackenzie Road no. 11, Singapore 23 room Rp 240 .000
Prince of Wales Backpacker Dunloop Street no.101, Little India, Singapura Rp 170 .000